Africa Photo Safari Live Diary 2012

Welcome to the Africa Photo Safari Live Diary 2012

Updated daily from the Masai Mara, Kenya.

And we’re done! Thanks for all your support this year! Keep checking back for more news soon!


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Cheetah.(Acinonyx jubatus).Head and shoulders portrait looking off to side in morning light.Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya (Richard Costin)

On last year’s trip I was  hoping to do this but mobile internet issues prevented me from posting unfortunatly. Well this time I will be armed to the teeth with several mobile internet options and hopefully at least one of them will work! I have had some chats with friends in the know about this, but if any of you out there have used any particular devices for internet on the go (over the mobile networks) I would very much like to have any recommendations to help this all run smoothly, please get in touch if you do.

Also, Nikon UK have kindly arranged a loaner D800for me to put through it’s paces. I love reviewing kit, but only in its intended use (rather than photographing brick walls and charts). I work my cameras hard at the best of times but the Mara has everything, action, landscapes, dust, rain, knocks, bumps, scrapes, cars, cats, elephants, hides and so much more that can trip cameras up. Look out for the write up shortly after my return, I will of have some rolling commentary on it throughout the live blog too and of course… images! Hopefully we will have Cats (lots of cats!), wildebeest, landscapes and anything else interesting the Mara has for us (and it always has something interesting around the corner)!

African Lion.(Panthera leo).Portrait, resting head in paws.Masai Mara game reserve, Kenya (Richard Costin)

 Blue Wildebeest .(Connochaetes taurinus) .Slow shutter images showing river crossing chaos  .Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya (Richard Costin)

I will kick the Live blog off when I start packing a few days before the off which is on the 28th of June. Please bookmark this page, share it on facebook and tell your friends as the more people we have along for the ride, the better! I will also be blogging ‘as it happens’ from the vehicles in a smaller way on my facebook page so please “like” me on there too:

Well that’s all for now, you can see a small slideshow of a few African pictures from last year below, or check out the image library and search for “Africa” to get you in the mood!!

As always, thanks for stopping by.


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