puffin with its head inside wildlife photographer richard costins nikon 200-400 lens


the nikon 80-400 lens being used by wildlife photographer Richard Costin
wildlife photographer richard costin using the Nikon 200-400 lens and the Nikon D3 DSRL
wildlife photographer richard costin using the nikon 200-400 lens

I am often asked what gear I use to make the images I do and in what way it contributes to the quality.

This section is here to show you what I use and just as importantly, why I use it. I am completely independent so have free rein to use whatever I wish to get the job done. To make it to this list, the item in question must have been in use for a while out in the field and lived to tell the tale all whilst enabling me to capture the images I am after in any given situation.

nikon d4s dslr camera

Richard’s cameras

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nikon lens collection

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