02, Back In the swing Africa live 2013

Hi all!

Internet finally up and running thanks to Dan having a few words with Safaricom on my behalf! 😀

Great to be back in the Mara and see some old friends. I had two of my 3 ‘ease in’ drives I like to do before the guests arrive and the game is good and the light is good! This not only lets me get back into the vibe, but I get a good handle on what is around and the conditions of the Mara which in turn helps me

No first time super luck this time although we did catch up with our leaping Leopard from the Gorge again and it is good to know she is in the area!

The weather is hot with cool mornings and there is plenty around. Can’t wait to begin the workshop tomorrow with the guests and as a bonus we have Russ and Mandy at the camp a day early.

Below are a few quick picks from the few hours we have spent on the plains so far, pretty much strait out of the box as I leave the final processing till I am back home.

Stay tuned for more, lots to come. It’s only a start remember, no classics yet!! 🙂












Thanks as always for stopping by, stay tuned!!!


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