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Greetings all!

Back from a trip to a nearby reserve to scout for Grebe sites. Very fruitful for an initial look with lots of potentials. Next step is to pick a likely spot and observe them over several hours to truly pinpoint a nest site that may work well. Love these guys and I look forward to expanding my portfolio of them.

Onto more technical things, I just spent some time improving the slideshows section of the web site. The stock gallery part of the site is most useful for those wanting to use my images commercially but I needed an outlet for simply viewing my work in a more casual way. It is still a WIP and I will be adding more and trimming the galleries over the next few days. You can take a look here in the new Photography section!

Please let me know what you think either in the comments below or via the contact page.

For now I’ll leave you with a Grebe from a few years back. Waist deep in a river at 4am for a week solid. I sense another round of that soon!

Thanks all!! Richard.

Great Crested Grebe.(podiceps cristatuse).Water backit at first light.england, uk (Richard Costin)

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