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Greetings all! I am back and slowly getting back to normal life after an absolutely fantastic Safari in the Masai Mara with some wonderful guests. So a quick thanks to all of you who joined me this Migration and for being such a pleasure to host out on the Mara plains!

More on the trip coming shortly on the blog but I just wanted to quickly announce I have received another highly commended in the annual British Wildlife Photographer awards. This time for one of my shots of Fallow Deer at sunset…

BWPA 2015 highly commended image

Taken a while ago during one of our coldest winters for a a while here in the UK. Knowing the Deer were around and after checking the weather I wrapped up and made the very slow and careful journey in the snow to see what I could get. Under my camo tarp and shivering after approaching slowly I got a few shots just as the sun was setting off into the distance. I was initially going for some classic Richard backlit shots but the trees surrounding the deer put a stop to that. Side lighting is always on my mind and led me to the shot you see above.

The light was magical and the Deer were much easier to approach than normal, perhaps thanks to the harsh weather helping mask my presence.

I was unfortunately unable to attend the awards ceremony as I was out in the Masai Mara but big congratulations to the other winners too. Some amazing work this year!

See you all soon, I have some stunning images from the Mara to share with you next week. For a sneak peek, check out my recent post over on Facebook.

Thanks all!


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