Africa Live 2016-02 – 02.b Fig found

Back with the continuation of our second day here in the Mara.
The weather is hot but the cats are plentiful and Charles our guide is on top form as always!

We start off with some Lions from the Enkoyanai pride. The male here is getting a reputation for trouble with the local Masai and their herds so the guys here at camp keep a watchful eye on him. Wonderful mane…






And then the star returns! One of my favourite cats to work with, Fig was found resting in the shade of a tree. She and her one remaining cub are doing great and she was as gorgeous as ever. Very relaxed around us.

The light was quite harsh now as we approached lunch time which naturally lends itself to B&W as the colours become very washed out at this time of the day. It does however show up all the wonderful small details in the fur.


Our first view of Fig for the trip!






After watching her relax for a while she spotted a lone Impala out in the long grass.



Looking like an opportunity not to be missed she made her way down the tree and into the long grass to hunt.



After a failed hunt (the Impala jumped over her to escape) that was completely obscured by the long grass she made her way to another nearby tree to relax and scan the plains once again.




And with the temperature soaring and the leopard sleeping we made out way back to camp to cool off with a cold drink and some lunch.

Later this afternoon we made our way strait back to this location but Fig was now gone and the long grass was all around. We did however (after a few hours of looking) find her cub! I saw these cubs (possibly) being conceived this time last year and later as small 3 month old cubs in this September just gone. Now though unfortunately down to one cub from her litter of two. He seems to be doing great though and we managed a few portraits high up in the tree just before the light faded to black and we made our way back to camp. Handsome chap and trouble by all accounts says Charles.


Fig's now 7 month old cub. Waiting for food I reckon! We will definitely see more of him as the trip goes on I hope!

Fig’s now 7 month old cub. Waiting for food no doubt. We will definitely see more of him as the trip goes on I hope!

I have some photos from the last two trips which I have yet to blog related to this guy. I will do so in a few weeks after we finish our Feb 2016 Africa live blog.

Thanks all, more tomorrow!


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