Africa Live 2016-02: 03 part 3, Ascension

The never ending day! (that’s a good thing)

As I mentioned a few posts back I am trying not to overload each individual post with too many images, especially from our more productive days. To that end here we are with the last few from our third day in the Mara.

We left off last time with Fig about to head off to find a good place to stash the Warthog kill for the night.




We had already manoeuvred ahead of the situation and positioned ourselves at the tree of most interest and waited. There were a few other vehicles from our camp around now and it was a little tricky on this occasion to get into an ideal position. Charles expertly edged us just between two other vehicles. We went in backwards so the ladies in the group could get the best angle out of the roof from the main area of the car. I just, just managed a clear view hanging out of the driver side door low and looking through the roof of another vehicle!

Thank god I had the AF-S 80-400 lens with me as trying to do this with the 200-400 would have only given me a few minutes before my twiglet arms gave up. It’s one of the reasons I love and recommend this lens so much, I would possibly have fluffed these shots otherwise or at best had to take up a less clear view.


Africa live wildlife photography blog by Richard Costin


Well the bad back, neck and shoulders I had all the following day were well worth it. The Nikon D4 really came into it’s own here. After about 5 mins of holding that position I was shaking a little and had to keep pushing the shutter speed up to compensate. This was one of those times that I probably couldn’t have made the shot without the D4/80-400 combo. Usually any good photographer can work with the gear to hand but on occasion having the best stuff helped. Starting off at ISO 300 when we point at the sun and ending up on ISO 12,800. I can remember when ISO 400 was considered last resort high! This is one of the reasons I shoot Nikon, (especially since the D3) they lead the pack in image quality and ergonomics.

First off was the easier task of stashing the Scrub Hair…










africa live wildlife photography blog, richard costin

After a quick reconnaissance on the ground she went back up the tree and rested for a good ten or fifteen minutes (with the light fading and changing changing by the second!) with the Warthog below. Finally she came back down for the herculean task of getting it up there. Amazing strength in that neck…


Pure strength.



The cub had now rushed up the tree and accidentally thrown the Hair back down so there was no rest for mum yet.




The light soon well and truly disappeared and that was that. During our sun-downers she made her way back down but it really was pure darkness now. Just for fun here is the D4 in mega night vision (hi) mode. I could barely see the action with my own eyes now but the camera locked on and managed at least a record shot. Incredible!


Night vision

And yes, as always then back to camp for some well earned RnR.

Until next time, stay tuned and thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed. As always if you have any questions do head on over to my facebook page.


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