Lightroom Classic speed update

Lightroom 7.2, incoming!

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A short but brief post today. As has also been reported around the webs (here, here and here) I have been lucky enough to trial out a beta version of the next version of Lightroom Classic, 7.2

When I am not travelling I run on my fairly high end Mac Pro and find Lightroom pretty good in general. It could do with a performance refresh and that is exactly what the team over at Adobe are working on. Despite what a lot of forum white noise says to the contrary they genuinely are now focused on bringing up the performance of Lightroom to be the best it can be. It is no small task and this is but one step on that road. The discussions I have had with them have been very encouraging and the team wants the performance to get where it can be as much as anyone.

It looks as though this round of updates should really help those on beefier machines. LR has traditionally not scaled up in line as cores and ram increase so this will be welcome. I have been told that many more updates are in the pipeline in the not too distant future so keep checking back!

Coming to a computer near you soon. Anything that means I can spend less time at the desk and more time out in the field is great!

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