Africa 2012 Live Diary: DAY 11 A slower day

DAY 10.5, Mara fun

Once again hi all!

This is a catch up post, we are mid way through day 12 now and I thought I would post an update on yesterday to bring you all up to speed and me up to date!

It was a much slower day in terms of sightings with a few near misses and long waits with no results (typical Leopard!). The group has had a fantastic first few days with great sightings and when you get some decent drives under your belt at the start it makes the slower days much more palatable.

We have had a lot of Elephant in and around the camp recently which is great fun but also a potential problems, so we need to be extra careful when moving around the camp with Askari escorts at all times at night even for short walks. It is (a perfectly safe, well run) untented camp and this is a must, despite another guest’s (not part of my group) protest that escorts are “really unnecessary”. First time travellers can sometimes be incredibly naive to the dangers of the bush, especially when the Askari and camp staff make it seem so easy on the face of things. They however are born and bred in the area and know what’s going on and what to do instinctively, a must for our safety.


An off centre b&w conversion, these guys were on the edge of camp as we drove out (ironically from a different point to avoid some more Elephants!)



Dignity is retained out in the bush at all times!



Compare the Hyrax .com??


A large group of ladies, at the beckon call of the big chap, lucky boy!!


An interesting formation in the sky, the sunset itself fizzled to a cloudy nothing but this stage was quite interesting


 A closer view on the clouds, which built up quickly after this was taken to a good old British looking sky… Ahhhh, home…

Thanks all again all! We had a very odd and rare surprise encounter just outside the camp this morning so stay tuned for that and more later!

Lastly, i will be updating all pictures in the diary so far with the camera settings in a few days time, I have had a lot of requests for these and am happy to share them when I get a moment.



Stay tuned via the RSS feedFacebook and Twitter! Lots more to come.

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