Africa 2012 Live Diary: DAY 7and8 Lions and a great group


DAY 7 and 8, Lions and a great group!


The fantastic group 1 is now settled into camp and we have all just retired to our tents after a fantastic dinner and first game drive.

The drives are off to a great start! Initially frustrating with a near miss of a leopard sighting, but soon turned around with our local Acacia Lion pride doing us a good turn in short grass (!!) with a fantastic sunset to boot!

Yesterday we came across the Acacia pride just moments after a Wildebeest kill and watched the cubs dining first, with mother waiting for the last scraps as the always do (very attentive parents!).

Below are some images from the commotion including the moment an elephant too a dislike to the cats as the often do…

MM1 1826

MM1 1885

MM1 1957

MM1 1989

MM1 2009

The two larger females stood their ground and the bluff charge was revealed!


MM1 2085

MM1 2145


More fun with the remote car, this time with a little more caution from both parties!



Super interested young chap!

MM1 2191

A young Hyena.


So today we had a fantastic good light encounter with the pride and once again I think the images do the scene justice more than words.

The workshop group is fantastic and settled into the drives very well! I was helping with some tricky exposure options when shooting backlit and including the sky but I think we managed it…

MM1 2410

A lot of you know I love my backlit shots and jumped at the chance to get the vehicle in position to get us all something special for the first drive.


MM1 2366

Lions playing is always fun!



This one has “Classic Mara” written all over it!


As usual, time to sign off as it’s time for bed, up at 05:30!!

Many thanks, Richard.

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  1. Rich WHAT AMAZING PHOTOS, makes me feel like i just want to jump on the flight right now. Cant wait to share the Mara again and this time it will be even more special. See you soon

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