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Hello all!

Since my post a few days ago on the Badger Cull issue I have had a few requests for some simply to follow information on the issue.

Firstly, please ready my initial post if you have not and follow the links within for some great information on the issue.

For a quicker overview of the argument, please take a moment to watch this video from Peter Smith The (Wildwood Trust’s Chief Executive) who outlines the issues very well..

Please, if you haven’t already check out the information provided and head over to the petition. The response over the last week has been fantastic and we have just hit the 100,000 mark! Please add your name as every signature counts. You can also get in touch with you local MP using the tools at from the Wildlife Trust’s website (I have included them below for you)…

  • Email your MP to ask them to call for the cull to be stopped
    Email your local MP to ask them to put pressure on the Government to scrap their cull plans and prioritise badger vaccination. They have produced a template letter to get you started, but it is always better if you can personalise it with your own thoughts.
  • Email your MEP (find their details) to ask them to press for the EU ban on a cattle vaccine to be lifted

Thank you to all of you who have helped out in anyway so far and huge respect from myself to the big players and oranisations that are making it easy for people such as myself to help you in your herculean efforts!

Team Badger


Links, please read them..


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