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Hot on the heels of my awards blog posts it’s time to be serious and call upon you to act out against the poor decisions of the UK courts to uphold the shooting (sorry culling) of Badgers here in England.

Please firstly add your voice to the petition online which already has over 75,00 signatures, I kindly ask you to head over here to do so; it only takes a few seconds and really can help make a difference Dr Brian May created this (for those that don’t know he is a great high profile supporter of the cause).

Please click here to sign the petition now, it only takes a few moments and does make a difference

European Badger.(Meles meles).Badger in the wild, uk against the moon.England, UK (Richard Costin)All the science really does state the case clearly in opposition and the only downside is a little time and effort which is nothing in the face of what the cull would mean.

I really do understand the plight of UK farming in these times, TB does cause problems, of course it does and it NEEDS to be tackled. Farmer’s lives are hugely affected when BTB hits their stock, I can only imagine the heartache and stress felt when this happens. Everyone on both sides of the argument want BTB tackled and eradicated. The methods proposed as the solution (to simply head out and shoot them) is not only cruel, but will not be a solution to the problem. To allow it to go ahead would be no solution, neither side would ‘win’. The vaccination solutions are viable and easy (ok, not as easy as random shootings, but is that really an argument?). Please see the video below for far more information on why this is bad idea for both sides..

When I press upon these issues a lot of people write me off as a rambling wildlife lover, ‘he photographs animals, of course he doesn’t want them shot‘. Well of course I am a wildlife lover, but I do whole heartedly understand the need for tough measures to be taken at times. This however is not one of those times and I will direct you to these fantastic links where you can get some real information on the issues.

It makes me angry that these kinds of measures are needed for those in power to simply act upon scientific evidence and not knee jerk reactions from those with other agendas but that is how it is and backing down is not an option.

Please, please do take the time to look into it and make up your own minds based on the facts, support these organisations and help in any way you can, just do so in a professional manner. The fight was worth while in Wales and we can make a difference here in England too. I am making the small efforts I can to support these organisations and I hope you do so too. No effort is to small as people power can and does make a difference.

Don’t take my word for it..

As I mentioned I am but a tiny, (very tiny!) player in the whole thing, but please watch this clip from some of the ‘big hitters’ who’s approach the topic from a purely scientific viewpoint..

Team Badger


Links, please read them..

Thank you all! Richard.

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