Lightroom 6.3 (2015.3) logo

Lightroom 6 is here!

The Eagle has landed.

Adobe releases the latest version of Lightroom with the world!

My my, doesn’t time fly!!!! As many of you know Lightroom is at the heart of my workflow and much like any software in the creative industry, plays a vital role in getting work done and in a timely manner with professional quality. For me I see software as a means to an end and there are some great new features that give me back some free time or allow me to get more done.

There are still some areas that need working up imho (see my next post), but we are definitely on the right path!

Now at version 6 we see some great new features. I will be doing a short round-up of my favs and how they improve my workflow in the next day or two, but for now I will direct you to Victoria’s (aka the Lightroom Queen) excellent write up of what’s new…

Highlights of note include the new (fantastic) hdr merging options (the resulting merge is an editable DNG!). Pano stich options (again, creating a ‘super’ DNG) as well as GPU acceleration in the develop module.

Head over to adobe and give it a whirl.

See you soon. Rich.

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