leopard black and white fine art portrait by wildlife photographer richard costin

Some new images and updates

Hi all, back here just checking in to let you know I am still here! Time is at a real premium for me at the moment but I have taken on the advice of some web social media big hitters and decided to schedule in my posts rather than simply fire out my thoughts when they happen!

Most importantly though I have been curating and processing a huge backlog of images I have taken over the past few years and getting them ready for the big wide world over the coming months. My interest in black and white has really grown recently and I am having a ball in this genre.

A sneak peek below for you and more to come (on a schedule!) shortly. Big updates to my D5 and D500 rolling blogs coming up soon as well. Long story short; they are fantastic and have already proven themselves best in class as far as I’m concerned. The D500 in particular was a long time coming from Nikon and delivers in a big way without needing to remortgage the house.

Lastly, I am not speaking at the Rutland Birdfair for the first time in a while this year, I will be milling around though so do stop me and introduce yourself if you see me!

Images below, click on one to get the full view. I hope you enjoy.


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  1. Just beautiful photography Richard. I’m especially partial to the cheetah and they’re just lovely. I look forward to seeing more!

    1. Post

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