Africa 2012 Live Diary: DAY 15-16, Group 2!


DAY 15-16 Group 2


The fantastic workshop 2 is well underway with a great group! Extra exclusive with just three people alongside Daniel and myself. All set in the wonderful Bush Camp.

The day previous Daniel and I relaxed and saved our energy for the arrival of Tony, Cheryl and Gordon the following morning! Fresh and alert!

The first couple of  drives have been tricky, especially with the long grass that is typical of the Mara throughout this year apparently. However, we are making the best of the encounters and opportunities coming our way with some good stuff. We are trying a change of tact for tomorrow morning which I will talk about more in the next post!

For now here are some images from the recent drives…












I hope you enjoyed, please write a few words on Facebook if you have done and feel free to ask any questions. Also a quick super thanks to Darren and Emma alongside the whole Kicheche team at Bush Camp for making us feel so welcome once again!

A lot of you are asking for detailed captions of the images, including camera settings. I will be updating the posts with all this information upon my return as it is quite an effort and simply don’t have the time out here in the bush whilst running the group! Also I will be writing a full review on my experienced with the Nikon D800 out here upon my return, so stay tuned for that!

Well, I can again hear the Lions calling to each other as I write this in my tent before tucking down, they seem a touch closer tonight but all is fine as that is how they communicate with each other and the ever watchful Askari (Masai night watchmen) are out in force as always around the camp. Great, knowledgeable guys that keep the place very safe.

Thanks again all!


Stay tuned via the RSS feedFacebook and Twitter! Lots more to come.

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  1. Your first couple of drives tricky, well I think these are some of your best images so far. Like the portrait shots especially the Giraffe and Hippo. Look forward to your next post. Good stuff.

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