Africa 2012 Live Diary: DAY 17-18 High Gear


DAY 17-18: High Gear

Hello all!

Back from the Bush with an update!

We have had a very busy couple of days here in camp and things have finally been kicked into high gear.

Yesterday we had a full day into the reserve and despite the (normal) over abundance of vehicles (one of the reasons I love working in the exclusive conservancies), we managed some great shots…


Elephants and sunrise are always a good combination




 We had a brief sighting of superstar Lion Notch, expecting a meal from his ladies that had failed on the hunt we watched!



Who did these belong too????






A cute little chap that were were uncertain if he would make it as he was left alone. His survival instincts however were top notch as he dived flat against the ground as we approached so you never know!


This chap could also potentially be adopted by another family if luck is on his side!



A female from the good old Marsh Pride!



An early morning surprise today, a mini crossing. The migration is late this year and it was good to see these chaps from the East (rather than the main Serengeti lot) make an appearance.







The biggest Leopard I or some of the guides had seen! An absolute monster, check out those biceps ladies!! Approximately 6-7 years old and a great hunter buy the looks of him. He appeared from no-where a meter in front of us and proof that Leopards are both the most elusive animals that have the ability to surprise you when you LEAST! expect it!


Cute alarm ahead….







This pride were new to this area and a treat to watch as we managed to position ourselves in a lower gully and get eye level which is a perspective I love to achieve and always try to drum into those I teach on the workshops as it can make such a difference for the viewer of the picture to make that connection.



Gorgeous Acacia with her cub stashed away somewhere neatly as a male nearby feasts on her kill.


Lastly, I received and email and  “follow up” forum post about how “I am clearly not a professional photographer as my blog writing style is appalling.” Also that he considered me an “amateur at best due to the lack of captioning of the images with the camera settings”.  Well firstly thank you to all of you who have thanked me for the blog and continue to support me. It is a real effort to get these online for you each night(ish) from the bush and I appreciate you patience with the captions. As mentioned I will be adding them upon my return.

For the lovely chap who emailed me as mentioned above I have a special picture for you, I hope you enjoy as it is a really natural shot…


Thanks again to you all, your kind comments on twitter, Facebook and here are very much appreciated.

Please check out our tours section if you are interested in joining me early next year for more African adventures! Or if you are simply enjoying the pictures from the comfort of your own homes that’s fine too! Just please let me know as I love to hear form you.

Rich 🙂

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  1. Hi Rich, these are another great set, like the elephant sunrise and the creation of movement with the panning and slow shutter speeds. The shots of the skull/teeth are well executed showing something different from the “norm”. As for being an amateur? well that is probably someone who is jealous of your images, the duty p—k often pops up now and again and you suitably put them down. Any chance of getting the kingfisher with a fish and I would like to know how many kmh it was flying at?lol (not really) Superb images keep them coming.

  2. haha balls to that guy.

    The only reason for him to say such things has to be because he’s jealous. It’s obviously by the quality of your photos how good you are, and the way you captured those hairy balls, there are no words.

  3. Hello Rich, Your images are truly beautiful and I can hear all the fun and excitement in all your photos. Just such a shame the trip went far to fast as it did last year. I still have a long way to go to catch up to your quality of photos, but the best part is the hard work trying. You and all the staff at Safari Consultants plus everyone at Kicheche make our trips to the Mara such a very exciting and happy one. Bless You all and THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL TRIP, ALL BE WELL SEE YOU OUT ON THE PLAINS AGAIN SOON, CAMERA’S AT THE READY

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