Africa 2012 Live Diary: DAY 3 and 4, Hyena and Naughty Lions!


DAY 3 & 4, Hyena and Naughty Lions..

Hi all, internet still here and working albeit a touch slow!

What a fantastic few days, Jen loving every minute and some great sightings and special pics. I will be very sad to see her go tomorrow, but will be receiving the first photography workshop group in a few days so no rest for the wicked! Very much looking forward to getting you all that are joining me out in the Mara!

I will simply set this blog entry as a picture diary and talk through some of the technical and logistic aspects of the trip so far in the next post as I have a relaxing evening in Nairobi tomorrow after I say bye to Jen at the airport. It is not far of 11pm here now and our wakeup call is at 05:00 tomorrow as we are trying for some mountain-top landscapes so need to be in place for the sunrise and have a long drive ahead of us!

Well.. firstly, the GoPro test project has so far been a great success. I will have some unbelievable video for you all upon my return (I don’t have the bandwidth to upload from here) so I will share a few stills for you here…


 Yours truly setting up the camera for a time-lapse sequence.



Hard at work making the most of some great late red light



On a drive, on the go!


CarCam 01

Perhaps the naughtiest lion I have encountered! More on why tomorrow!! Naughty, naughty boy!!!!



Hyena are always fun and the pups are adorable! Great light too on this early morning find.





We have had amazing Lion sightings near and around the camp in the private concession we do most of our work in






Great light and great cats, no action but when they look this good, portraits are the order of the day! A mother with her 8 month old cub here.


MM1 1525

I have been flexing my motion blur creative muscles and trying out some in early light recently and enjoying the challenges it brings.

MM1 1580

I have been after a running Giraffe shot for a while now and finally nailed it just the way I wanted!


Sorry for the lack of text this time, I will make up for it in spades tomorrow and talk you through some of the experiences that led to these images as well as sharing much more!

I have had requests for some technical details from you and will be answering these questions to. Please log onto my Facebook and let me know if your are enjoying these images and if you have any questions I will answer them on the blog soon!!

Many, many thanks to you all for stopping by as always, very much appreciated! 🙂


Stay tuned via the RSS feedFacebook and Twitter! Lots more to come.

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