Africa 2012 Live Diary: DAY 5 Remote madness!


DAY 5, Remote Madness!

Hello again!

I am blogging one day behind at the moment, day 6 is almost at a close and will report in on that tomorrow!

Well as many of you know, I am running some tests for a project I am hoping to run next year. This is involving some crazy camera ideas with a small remote controlled vehicle.

Perhaps rather foolishly we tried it initially with some rather naughty, naughty (as Daniel puts it!) young boys in the area. I wish I could share the video with you all now but I will have to upload it when I am back in the UK with full broadband, it is hilarious and certainly got a good reaction around the camp. For now here are a few stills from the tests…

CarCam 01

CarCam 02

CarCam 03

CarCam 04

CarCam 05


 As you can see, curiosity got the better of them and they ran off with the camera! We had to chase them for over an hour before they would give the car now in two pieces up.


We managed to retrieve the camera, fully intact (these go-pro cameras are tough!) and the footage is fantastic! As I said I will share it with you all in full upon my return.

The car however was in two pieces with a missing wheel and other damage. BUT! Kicheche and I are fighters and many thanks to Bakari and Kennedy in the workshop it lives to fight another day!! A fantastic repair job guys!!!! Here we are below after the successful test following the repair…

MM1 1709

Bakari and Kennedy from the workshop with myself and the now repaired car!

Of course we have had other great sightings of the other characters of the Mara and here are a few highlights. The long grass is still proving a challenge but one we are overcoming!


A classic Mara sunset with a big Bull in view.



An always alert Topi



Monkey business


A late light Leopard, here you can see the long grass often proves a challenge; but what a gorgeous chap this is!

Well as usual, time for bed as I always seem to end up writing these late at night when I should be fast asleep. I will catch up days wise with a double post tomorrow hopefully so stay tuned!

Many thanks all, please let me know if you are liking the images and what you would like to see or read about in future updates. Also for those of you that have asked about the big cat safaris, you can see details here at this link or in the PDF brochure

I will also be posting some more technical details tomorrow (rather than today as I suggested yesterday) as this needs some more time to sit down and write which I will have then!

Thanks again; Rich.

Stay tuned via the RSS feedFacebook and Twitter! Lots more to come.

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  1. I’m reading your updates as the only way i have so far to feel close to the Mara. Hope to join you soon.
    Give us an idea about the weather, the amount of visitors you have found, any situation regarding the park (poachers, dead animals, …) or difficulties to get the pictures…

    BTW Your pictures are fantastic, as always. Good luck!
    Best regards, R

  2. Fantastic stuff Richard, I love the fact you chased the thieves down before they sold your camera. A good first test I would say, maybe don’t try that one on the monkeys just yet 😉

  3. Hello Rich, Blimey looks like you are having an amazing time, please keep some of the action for Tony, Gordon and I. LOL . Your photos are really beautiful, i hope I am going to surprise you this year and get at least one photo that will be full of the joy and fun that you give out to us all. Enjoy your day tomorrow and we are so looking forward to being out on the plains with you soon, take care of your camera stop putting cat food on the camera then the cats won’t run off with your camera heheheheheheeeeee . Do you need me to bring a big supply of lollipops this year ?????? LOL yeah a weather report would be really helpful Please Rich, thank you

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